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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Successfull Candle March

Today's candle march was a great success.People gathered from all walks of life and from each and every corner of Trans Hindon to raise their voice, unitedly and peacefully. A memorandum was read and signatures were taken in mass to be given to DM on monday.
Speakers including President K.Hasan, GS Mohan Sangwan, VP Dr.Rajeev Sharma, Damyanti Bisht and Treasurer K.K.Mishra, Coordinator Vaishali Kedar Mehta, Kuldeep etc, all raised their voice for immediate rectification of Sewer Infrastructure as a whole. It was suggested that DM should take immediate action to make a proper plan for next fifty years and a reputed Consulting agency for Sewer Upgradation should be appointed in supervision of Confederation of Trans Hindon RWA.
P N Goyal, Raghuvansh Sharma, I C Tyagi, S K Bali, Jag Mohan Bakshi, Jagveer, P N Bhatt, Sohanveer Jatav, Jitendra Sharma, Narendra Sharma, Nalin Sabharwal, Bharat Upmanyu, J P Gupta, Ashu Gupta, Kanwal Jeet Rai, Anupam Bakshi, Manish Sharma, Sudipta pal, Geetika Narang, Ajay Singh, Mr.Khokhar, Subhash Tyagi along with hundreds of ladies and gentlemen were present in the Candle March at Mangal Bazar Chowk, Indirapuram lighting candles and showing placards.

Friday, February 11, 2011

CANDLE MARCH Against Sewer Problems

Confederation is organizing a candle march against Sewer related problems, today.
Plz join this movement at 6 pm as per route map. This will conclude at Mangal Bazar Chowk, Indirapuram.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

RTO In Confed. Office-Two Routes Sanctioned

RTO, Gzbd. Mr.Lal ji Choudhary visited Confederation office yesterday in evening hours. Confederation Exec.members Mohan Sangwan, Dr.Rajeev Sharma, K K Mishra, Nalin Sabharwal, Manish Sharma, Kuldeep Saxena, Kedar Mehata, J.P.Gupta, Mohan Singh, Damayanti Bisht etc. were present besides Mr.U.B.Garg, a renowned social reformer from Vasundhara.
The RTO understood the problem of connectivity between Indirapuram-Vasundhara-Vaishali and connecting these localities to Noida, Mohan Nagar and Anand Vihar.
After talking to higher authorities over phone, initially he agreed for two routes -One from Noida to Indirapuram to Mohan Nagar and other from Mohan Nagar to Vasundhara to Indirapuram to Noida.
The map of the route is to be developed by a professional and soon will be displayed on this blog.

Mr.U.B.Garg also demanded some tempos to touch internal areas of Vasundhara, which are on the route of Mohan Nagar to Anand Vihar. Mr.Choudhary agreed to this proposal also.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Letter Sent To RTO,Gzbd. For Better Transport Facility

Trans Hindon is a part of Sahibabad Vidhansabha. Though it is called Hot City but there are many basic amenities which are lacking here and ruining the life of residents. One of them is Defective Sewerage System, another is Non Connectivity. Public transport is not still available here. Without own conveyance, it is very difficult to convey from one part to other part. Women and elders are more affected.
Confederation is associated with day to day needs of residents and trying it's best to upgrade the infrastructure and public utility.
Confederation RWA has written a letter to RTO of Ghaziabad to start City Buses connecting Vasundhara, Vaishali, Indirapuram to Mohan Nagar, Noida, and Anand Vihar, Delhi. RTO has given a favourable statement in today's "Amar Ujala" in this regard. Let's see, what happens in near future.
Hope for the best................................!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Sewerage System and It's Corrective Measures-We Need Immediate Action

There are three types of sewerage systems :-

  • Foul sewers – carry waste water, that is water that has been used for cooking and washing, waste from toilets and from trade premises to our wastewater treatment works;
  • Surface water, or Storm sewers – carry rainwater from roofs, paved areas, pavements and roads. Surface water sewers generally flow into streams, rivers or watercourses;
  • Combined sewer – this is a single pipe system which carries both wastewater and surface water to our wastewater treatment works. These are often found in older town centre systems. Single pipe systems are no longer designed or constructed.

It is an offence to discharge foul sewage to a sewer designated for surface water or surface water into a sewer designated for foul sewage.

All new sewerage systems should be designed on separate foul and surface water (storm sewers) systems.

Sewage treatment
Sewers carry both domestic and industrial waste water to our wastewater treatment works, where it is treated and safely disposed of in accordance with statutory requirements. After treatment, the cleaned water goes to a nearby watercourse or the sea and must comply with statutory conditions set by the Environment and Heritage Service (EHS).

To ensure that stringent standards are met, EHS regularly monitors and tests the effluent quality. The results of these tests are recorded in a public register.

Sewage sludge is produced as a by-product of the sewage treatment process. This sludge is further treated and disposed off through incineration and landfill, again in accordance with statutory requirements and approval by EHS. We conduct our operations with the aim of avoiding or minimising any problems to the public and the environment. If you believe that any of our activities are causing you a problem, please let us know by calling us on Waterline 0845 744 0088.

Please remember, many items flushed down the toilet contain plastic or other insoluble materials. These are very difficult to deal with . A better environmental option is for you to place them in a bag and then in the bin, rather than flush them away.
The Ghaziabad Municipal Coorporation, Ghaziabad Development Authority and Distt. Administration unitedly with Confederation people should take immediate action and allocate a proper fund for a modern Sewer System in Trans Hindon Area of Sahibabad Vidhasabha.

An experienced and competent agency should be appointed as advisor for such a system. Click the link for such an agency. There may be others also.

Also read :-

We need immediate action and corrective measures with a proper plan are to be implemented very soon.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hot City May Not Turn Into Pot City

A large meeting of Confederation of Trans Hindon RWA's was held on 29 Jan 2011 in Aman Banquet Hall. The Agenda of the meeting was to discuss the problems of the residents of Trans Hindon Area and to find out the solutions.The meeting was presided by Mr.B.N.Goyal of Vaishali, anchored by Mr.K.Hasan, President of Confederation RWA. Pt. Amarpal Sharma, BSP coordinator of Sahibabad Vidhasabha was the chief guest of this programme.

In a gathering of around 400 representatives, each and every area of Trans Hindon including Indirapuram, Vasundhara, Vaishali, Kaushambi, Ramprastha, Brij Vihar, Chandan Nagar, Rampuri, Preet Vihar , Sahibabad etc. were covered.
There were around thirty speakers representing each area of Trans Hindon and almost thirty problems/issues were discussed. Among these the chief speakers were Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Vice President of Confederation of Trans Hindon RWA's, Mr.Mohan Sangwan, Gen.Sec. of Confederation, Mr.K.K.mishra, Treasurer of Confederation, Kuldeep Saxena, Coordinator of Confederation, Mrs. Damyanti Bisht, Gen. Sec. of Binsor Aptt, C.P.Baliyan , Secretary of Windsor and Nova Society, Shipra Sun City, Mr.Jhingaron , President of Krishna Apra, Mr. JagMohan Bakshi, Gen.Sec. of Express Garden, Mr.Sudipta Pal, Gen.Sec. of Windsor Park, Mr.S.K.Bali from Royal Tower, Mrs. Sirija Sundaram and Mr.M.K.Machama of Shipra Sun City, Mr.P.K. Garg, President of Sect.6 RWA, Vasundhara, Sher Sing Mani of Brij Vihar, Mr. Madan Mohan of Ramprastha, Mr.Dinesh Saxena of Nayay Khand, Mr.Subhash Tyagi of Shakti Khand-III,
Mr. Anand Gosain of Shakti Khand-I, Mr.J.P.Gupta of SK-IV Mr.Manish Sharma of Orange County, Mr.Bharat Upmanu of Gateway Towers, Mr.Jitendra Sharma and Bhodeo Dixit from Vasundhara, Mr.Suresh Khanna of Rajnigandha Aptt, Mr.Kedar Mehta of Vaishali, Mr.S.K.Jha of Vaishali Sanskritik Manch, Mohit Mishra, Gen.Sec. of HRC, Mr.Nalin Sabbarwal of Mahagun, Mr.Dev Prakash Gupta of Pinacle Tower, Mr.S.K.Jaiswal of Gaur Green City and many more.
Almost all problems were discussed at large. Dr.Rajeev Sharma and Mrs. Damyanti Bisht raised the voice to focus on one issue which has ruined the life of almost all the residents of Trans Hindon and that problem is sewer choking and over flowing.It is because of several reasons including infrastructure and structural defects.Dr.Rajeev Sharma said that our hot city may not turn into pot city, so we must act fast.All representatives raised hands in its favour. He further said that by hitting to this one problem, we shall be hitting other problems indirectly like encroachment, unauthorized construction and traffic jam etc. will be eased upto some extent.
Mr.Mohan Sangwan came with a proposal that we should carry a candle march on 12th of Feb and gather at Mangal Bazar Chowk coming from all parts of Trans Hindon. All agreed to this Proposal.It was decided unopposed that Confederation will lead the Sewer and all major issues of Trans Hindon, whether it is unauthorised construction, encroachment,traffic jam or any other issue affecting our day to day life.
Pt.Amarpal Sharma, in his speech emphasized on many issues of development. He told that he is trying constantly to make Sahibabad area free from power cuts. He told that 400 KVA gas based project of Power Corp. is in the process and he has requested the Govt. as well to declare this area as a No Power Cut Zone.Further he said that a new plant of Ganga Jal is also under construction and a new Sewer Treatment plant is about to be completed within few months. He also admitted that sewer overflow is really a problem and some emicable solution should be find out by RWA's , Nagar Nigam and GDA.
Mr.K.Hasan, President of Confederation thanked all the participants.The meeting was concluded with dinner.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Vichar Goshthi on 29 Jan 2011

THA is soaring with lot of problems though it is claimed to be the hot city.Confederation has worked a lot to fight and solve many problems but still there are certain issues which need spl attention.
Keeping in mind the same, the Confederation is organizing a

"Vichaar Goshthi" -"Trans Hindon-Kal-Aaj Aur Kal"
on 29 Jan2011, at Aman Banquet Hall, NH-24, Khora from 6 pm onwards
Plz join..............................!